How to use the service to integrate a lightning fast auto-complete search into your static site.

Having an interactive and fully dynamic instant search box is a feature that has become ubiquitous for today’s internet users.

Thanks to the fine folks at you can now have completely free, yes FREE, SSL certificates for all of your websites and other web projects. This is important as SSL not only ensures that your communication with the respective site is secure but recently it started playing a pivotal role in many search engine ranking algorithms.

You can apply for the free cert using the webpage

They give you very detailed information about how to execute all the necessary steps. However their instructions are only aimed at Linux/Unix users. …

Huh? We’re waiting how long?

You don’t have to work for a long time in software development to come across code similar to the following

void CoolStuff() 
var data = GetDataWithTimeout(5000);
Data GetDataWithTimeout(int timeout)
Thread.Sleep(timeout); // or something that takes a while

There is one major issue with this code that specifically relates to its readability and consequently its long term maintainability.

Can you spot it?

Don’t worry if you couldn’t. This is a very easy flaw to miss and is usually not uncovered until someone is tasked with maintaining or changing a block of code like this.

What is a “timeout”

The issue with…

Sverrir Sigmundarson

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