A colleague of mine.

I worked for a very dynamic, large and highly intense company, which brought various people of different backgrounds. As a result, we would have a bunch of people coming from different countries for a week or so. Among that particular “bunch” was a colleague of mine, who I would call Mr A.

Mr. A was tall, quite handsome, tanned, smart, a little bit mischievous… He attracted me in some way, as I was single at that particular point of time. Sure, we had some short conversations about background and stuff, which should not have led to anything.

Mr A wasn’t local of my country. One Day this Mr came back for work to my home country and for some unexplained reasons, contacted me. We haven’t met for a year or so, we did not even stay in touch, though I did try to catch up with him when I visited his city (I gave very short notice, so he was at the beach).

We had drinks, we laughed, we had great time and I did notice some slight cheesy movements towards my waist. I had no bra too (it is hot in Asia), which usually means that I do not like wearing bra, but probably gave him wrong signals. Well, why probably? It definitely made him think I was ready for him. Too bad there were two problems: first, I had Boyfriend. For some girls it may not sound reasonable, but even if I did not date anyone, there was a second part. I had those days.

Some of you may say: “Hey, why did you agree on meeting him?”. Honestly, I felt like it was my duty to show him the city, though I realised later that he wanted me to show my naked body, rather than polluted street.

oh well. by the end of the meet-up, we exchanged kisses (no, only cheeks) and I hoped he would not get too upset. Even though, why should I even care? He did not buy me anything and I do not own him anything. xo