39 months of sustainable community change

Why and how to start (y)our own movement now

The living story of 1 Percent Change

The Inspiration Behind

The 1 Percent Change Framework

Living our Purpose

we strive to make empathy, personal responsibility, and initiative the foundational values of the society that we live in. I.e. while most of the charity organisations exist to support a certain underprivileged group with a specific need, we exist to support the people in our community in their personal journey towards self-awareness, higher consciousness, humility, and personal fulfilment.

1st habit: speak up — whenever you hear about someone in need, pause and consider is this need within the capabilities of 1 Percent Change? if yes — tell us here

2nd habit: supporting — donate your 1% every single month

3rd habit: sharing — it is only when every single one of us starts proactively telling their immediate social network about 1 Percent Change, that we stand a chance of growing the community into a real movement

Inviting wholeness, purpose and responsibility at work is what our hearts, minds and souls need to flourish https://www.linkedin.com/in/svetlaparmakova/

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