Why all women in tech are “Women In Tech.” It’s not a software engineer club.
Meg Nordmann

Meg, I do not see any logic in your text. We all live in a modern tech world so we are all have to deal with technology on a daily basis. No matter who you are — a programmer, a musician, a marketer… I do not see any connection between your conclusions “we are all women in tech” and “we need more women SW engineers”. Who “we” and why “we” need this? Is it you, me, society? Or all this feminists who cannot find better occupation for themselves than screaming around that they are being underestimated? I really hate this feminism thing that is coming from U.S. and is now rapidly spreading all over the world as a cancer tumor. If you’d really want equality you’d never emphasis the importance of teaching young GIRLS programming. Instead just create similar conditions for all boys and girls and make them choose themselves what they want their future profession to be. And if you see a problem that girls are treated badly by boys or other girls then go and teach all the social skills. What I see you are emphasizing in your article is that society needs to force all young girls to be taught programming. Why do you so strive for 50/50? What problem is solved when you finally reach this 50/50 in every field? I believe diversity is about creating equal conditions for everyone and letting everyone choose their own path. Disproportion is fine — please understand that we are not living in a perfect world where everything should be in an equal proportion. What you are striving for will certainly have some bad unexpected outcome unless common sense will win earlier and all this hysteria around “women in tech” will come to the end.

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