Just get up and dance!

We were born to be happy.

Do you feel happy now?

What do you need to be happy right at this moment?

Let me tell you a story about one girl…

There was a little girl. She was sitting in her bedroom dreaming. She was dreaming about the time when her mom was alive and they were a big happy family.

That time had passed, but she still loved coming back to those memories. Those memories gave her a warm feeling of belonging, felling needed and being loved.

A couple of years later, memories of day trips, family gatherings, baking and singing together faded away, and it became more and more difficult to find happiness in the past.

But she wanted to be happy…

So — she started living in the future. She pictured things and events that could make her happy: going to summer camp, wearing a beautiful dress, eating chocolate and oranges at winter celebrations and going to a musical.

Soon enough she realized that getting things she was dreaming about didn’t make her happy.

She kept dreaming and creating her desired reality, but she also started looking around to see how other people defined happiness.

She read a lot of books and took notes. She found out what others thought about happiness, but she could not relate to any of them. She read definitions over and over until she forgot the most important thing — that she was born to be happy.

She was twelve when her dad remarried and her life became a fairytale. The Cinderella one…

Many years have passed since that time, and now that little girl knows what true happiness means. She has her own definition of happiness.

She still likes to visit her past. She remembers again and again the events and places she went, the people she met, the food she ate and the thoughts and feelings she had.

She still enjoys thinking about her future and picturing the life she will have in five, ten, even fifty years from now.

But most of the time she spends in the present. She lives every minute of her life to the fullest. She doesn’t spend every day as if it was her last — she still goes to work, cleans her house and goes to the dentist — but she truly feels every minute of her life.

She has experienced a wild range of feelings: from hate to love, from fear to courage, from tension to serenity. She has many roles in her life, like we all do. She is a child, a parent, a spouse, a friend and an employee. But no matter what role she plays, she never forgets to be happy.

We were born to be happy. Happiness is our birthright. Never let anyone, including yourself, take that away.

You don’t need much to be happy if you invite happiness into your life.

Bill Keane said: “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

Listen to yourself. What do you feel now? If you sense nothing, allow yourself to feel.

Denial of pain, sadness, grief, and unhappiness will not make these go away. You need to experience them fully before they can diminish and eventually leave.

Free yourself to experience happiness.

Think about what you do when you are happy: do you smile, sing a song, dance, smell flowers or jump? Do things that make you happy first, and then happiness will come knocking at your door.

Spread happiness all around you. Give away smiles, compliments and positive energy. These will come back to you enhanced. Tell your loved ones: “I love you”, write a personal note, bring flowers or make a special meal. Do something you enjoy and invite people to join your festivity!

And you know what? Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance!