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14 November, 2016 — Mirla Sabino describes in an interesting article her weight loss journey, as she overcome her shyness and improved her self-confidence.

Our self-confidence is low because of many reasons. However, there is a worldwide cause, that does not only affect our self-assurance, but also our health. Obesity is a leading risk factor for a variety of cardiovascular, metabolic and psychological diseases. It can lead to serious illnesses. Theoretically, obesity can be easily repelled, with a rigorous diet and exercise program, however, due to complex metabolic processes in the body, and the human nature to fall easily on temptation, obesity is becoming a very serious problem. There are many exercise programs out there that posit that they are the best, but many are just hoaxes and the authors are getting on the exercise program bandwagon so that they can earn either money or fame. And you should tread carefully when choosing an exercise program, and read from other people’s experience, because if a program has worked on numerous persons, chances are that it will work on you as well.

Mirla Sabino, an Italian student that has moved in the USA to study in an American college, has been suffering from overweight. She was insulted, made fun of and her self-confidence was very low, until she decided to take action. She found the BBG program, and followed it strictly. BBG workout, stands for Bikini Body Guide and it was created by a very famous Australian fitness coach. Many people have used BBG program to lose the extra weight, but Mirla Sabino has written an in-depth Kayla Itsines Review. On her website, she has posted some remarkable pictures of the transformation she had over time. In the review she also expresses all her feelings when she could wear for the fist time bikinis in public without any shyness. Mirla Sabino did not only use the BBG program, but also the Kayla Itsines PDF diet Guide called HELP, that stands for Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan.

Start taking care of your body, and you will not regret any single moment that you gained the body you were supposed to have. Kayla Itsines is one of the best program on the web that you will find that will make you confident enough to wear bikinis at the beach.

About Mirla Sabino’s Weight Loss Journey: Mirla Sabino is a 23 years old girl from a small town near Rome, Italy. She has moved in the USA for studying. When she moved, she was quite a big girl, and everyone made fun of her. So she decided to follow Kayla Itsines program and in the end tell everyone what a nice journey it was.


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