What Women in the Industry Shared About Sexism & Sexual Harassment in Media.
Cher Martinetti

A political candidate who is enormously rich and has been surrounded by super-models for half his life is a few weeks away from an election in which he is surprising the pundits as an outsider by creating a storm of popular support behind him.

Suddenly a bunch of women remember that he committed some impropriety of a sexual nature against them 15 years ago. Their memories apparently just got jolted just three weeks before the election. How convenient!

Do you believe with equal lack of scrutiny or analysis, everything that everyone says. Do you really believe that this go-to political ploy is anything but a campaign tool for the other side?

If you really are that naive (or just plain cynical) then you are definitely suited to a career in the mainstream media; but you are an example of why that media is falling off a cliff right now.

I hesitated to read any further because I sensed it was turning into another production line pity party about “sexual harassment” and “discrimination” using the usual all-encompassing definitions and third party anecdotes that have become the hallmark of modern “journalism.”

Real journalists used to actually check facts and analyse statistics and try to be as objective as possible you see. That is why people had more respect for their content. Politically correct grandstanding for applause may be good for arousing the faith-based emotions of useful idiots; but it will not be taken seriously by anyone who is not a chronically gullible half-wit.

Keep it up though and you might win a Pulitzer someday.

I am now going to go into some industry and ask everybody if they consider they have been unfairly treated in some way. Of course 75% of them will say yes because that is what 75% of people say, especially when you ask such subjective questions. Did you ask for evidence? Silly question. Of course you didn’t. You just wrote it down and accepted it at face value, because you work in the media. I will also ask my subjects did they believe their grievance was treated “satisfactorily” too. And guess what. Most of them will answer a resounding “no” because that is how most people who feel aggrieved will answer such a question.

Maybe I should work in the media too?

I do know one thing though. There is no epidemic of sexual harassment in the workplace. There is an epidemic of hypersensitive snowflakes who have been encouraged to read sexism into any utterance they don’t like and scream sexual harassment if a man dares to look that them sideways.

So if you want to work in the media I have a favour to ask. Please do not spend your career joining in the trendy festival of demonising men and infantilising women. There are already far too many “journalists” who make a career out of finding reasons to be offended. Try to write about something interesting; something that actually matters.

Women are not babies. We can stand on our own two feet. We do not need to be patronised like this.

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