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Absolute nonsense. We have just had eight years of safe-spaces, trigger-warnings, no-platform campaigns, speech codes, banning of speakers and witch hunts against professors and students who are deemed guilty of “wrong-think.”

Universities all over the country have been issuing lists of “unapproved” words and even taking disciplinary action against those who refuse to comply. Universities have become ideological echo chambers where students are “protected” from ideas and opinions that do not comply with “progressivist” orthodoxy.

In failing to acknowledge that you are either being blatantly dishonest or you have no knowledge of university life.

You might not be aware that the University of Wisconsin had just rolled out its course in “feminist biology.” That is not a joke. They are actually re-writing a scientific discipline so that they can air-brush the awkward parts that do not comply with feminist doctrine. They are going to be left with a very short course:

They plan to do the same hatchet job on history too; and I have already experienced this on a working visit there. They are over-throwing scholarship in favour of doctrine and there are proposals to do the same in several other states.

Any college that does not show a commitment to unfettered free speech, or any college that elevates doctrine over scholarship should be denied any form of federal support immediately.

And to students: If your University is a “safe space” then you picked the wrong one and your education system is betraying you.

In a University fact should trump dogma; truth should trump feelings; scholarship should trump ideology and the absolute right to free speech should be upheld at all costs.

If you cannot leave your feelings outside the gate then you have no business being in an institution of learning and do not have enough respect for education to deserve your place there.

If Donald Trump really is planning on denying federal funds to any universities which tolerate this poisonous PC thought-policing, then he will be doing generations of Americans a service.

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