By writing this, you clearly don’t understand the minority experience in America.
Ryan Devenish

Actually I am a minority in the country where I live. I am a member of a much smaller minority than 13% and I do not live in a country where the president is a member of the same minority as me.

On women: Women make up the majority of the electorate in every country that is a democracy, so women constitute the biggest single voting block. Women have more political clout than any other single group, which is why political parties all over Europe and North America pander so hard to women’s lobbies. Listen to the speeches of Obama; his political campaigns were all about getting women on side. Women are the leaders of countries all over the world; not as many as men its true, but that is because so few women can be persuaded to go into politics in the first place despite political parties having the red carpet out for us for years.

Women are different from men: Who’d have thought! We are motivated by different aspirations and we prioritise and make choices accordingly. Women don’t tend to choose politics for the same biological reasons that we don’t tend to choose dangerous jobs. But you would have to understand something about the basic biological imperatives of the species to understand that and I don’t have time right now to teach someone who prefers to just parrot off politically correct sound-bites because they think that makes them sound enlightened.

As for white men! The majority of leaders in a country tend to come from the majority demographic of the population. Most Plumbers and soldiers in America are also white. It’s really not complicated. How many white politicians do you think there are in Nigeria or Namibia?

You also assume that men have an in group preference. They do not. Men have an ingrained tendency to discriminate in favour of women rather than the other way around. Try researching American sentencing statistics for example. Representatives of female defendants pray for a male judge, because women are less likely to give a female defendant an easy ride.

As for who makes what products: Once again there is nothing to prevent anyone from going into scientific fields or from getting involved in anything they want. Once again you confuse women’s choices with discrimination. Why are men so heavily outnumbered in the language fields? Is that discrimination? No. It is because women are generally better at languages for one thing, but there are many other reasons which are also purely biological. I don’t care who makes any product as long as it is getting made. I certainly don’t see feminist making anything other than silly placards. Why do you care about the sex of who makes stuff? What difference does it make? But you are probably right to say that it would be good to have some women involved in things involving pregnancy.

Trouble is women are refusing to follow hard science fields, and you cannot force people to do what you want them to do just to have exactly all the right people in equal numbers in all the correct little boxes; just so people like you can feel good. That’s not the way the species works. People are different, and that’s a good thing. We have equal rights, and that’s also a good thing, so stop trying to re-engineer society and let people make their own choices based on their own aspirations and lifestyles.

In the country where I live, white people tend to play a lot of rugby and black people favour basketball. I have no idea why that is, but is it a problem? Should we try to persuade those black people to switch to rugby and some of the whites to switch to basketball just so the politically correct brigade will be happy? Maybe we should have quotas?

Like I said: Read some basic biology and actually educate yourself about the species you want to discuss: PC sound-bites are for indoctrinated half-witted students who haven’t grown up yet.

The only discrimination here is being perpetrated by Mother Nature, and she doesn’t care about some your obsession with some kind of artificially imposed “equality” and she certainly doesn’t care about your naive PC mantras.

Good luck with homogenising the species. If for some bizarre reason you really do want to turn us all into a race of dull, gender-neutral humanoids you might get a few useful tips from the North Koreans.