My name’s Meryl, but thank you for really showcasing your reading comprehension skills.
Meryl Chambers

“There is no legal medical procedure where the government forces men to have counselling and a waiting period for.”

Actually there is one, but that is irrelevant anyway. The point is that there is no other medical procedure which involves deliberately terminating a life. The abortion debate is not about the “bodily autonomy” of the mother; it is about the right to life of a third party. It is about the very fundamental question of what precisely constitutes a human being.

How you can even enter the discussion without understanding what it is even about is mind-boggling.

“I would like to see you support the expansion of that protection to all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. This ensures that all people are free from the discrimination that you’ve never experiened.”

You have the right to “identify” as whatever you like. You do not have the right to demand that everyone else pander to your delusions. You certainly do not have the right to demand that the laws of your country be based around something that you cannot even define. Law cannot be subjective.

You also make enormous assumptions about Scot, which kind of betray that casual bigotry so typical of feminists. How do you know that Scot has never been discriminated against? He is a man I take it. Women are prioritised over men in health-care, employment law, family law, criminal law, housing policy and education.

You probably don’t know this because you are a feminist, and therefore you probably share the usual feminist talent for not seeing one half of the picture, but it is a fact. You make sweeping assumptions about Scot based on his sex; is that because “equality” or something?

I’m confused.

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