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“How did Obama get to be president 2 times if this country is so racist?”

Ah that’s an easy one. All those racist white people voted for a black president twice, just to fool everyone into thinking they weren't racists. Clever of them really, wasn't it?

But really I think that black people being unemployed and black people falling out of school and getting involved in crime and even getting imprisoned or shot by police, is all good for black activist groups. People who are doing well and making a success of their lives do not tend to join activist movements.

Groups like Black Lives Matter need young black kids dropping out of school and getting into crime. A young black men going to college and becoming a doctor is no use to Black Lives Matter. They have no use for successful young black people. They need angry young black men confronting police. Martyrs are useful to the movement.

Which is why, like most movements, they quite deliberately seek to spread divisiveness and to exasperate the problems they claim to be fighting. After all; if they actually managed to solve the problem, then what would be the point of the movement?

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