The “overly emotional arguement” you neglect to recognize as facts is merely one case.
Dakota Adan

Ah — “Victim Blaming.” So we are parroting off Orwellian feminist rhetoric now are we?

What does “victim blaming mean?” Well according to feminists is means that when a woman accuses a man of sexual assault, we should not question that accusation. We should not investigate to find out if it is true. We should just blindly accept a very serious accusation against someone because we don’t want to be “victim blamers.” Who cares who the real victim is?

To hell with the principles of natural justice: Who needs evidence? Who needs proof beyond reasonable doubt? That’s all just “victim blaming.”

Medieval witch-burnings are a much better way.

The justice department in the USA believes sexual assault is notoriously underreported because it is. It is notoriously underreported (technically) because of feminist ideology in the ascendency. Feminism needs what it calls “rape culture” like flowers need sunshine, so it constantly expands the definition of sexual assault and rape to encompass all sorts of perfectly normal consensual encounters.

Here is the disclaimer posted at the top of the Justice Department document you linked –

“Points of view in this document are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the U.S. Department of Justice”

It is a necessary disclaimer to make because the figures cited by the authors do not come even close to the figures logged by any US government source. The ludicrous claim that women are in greater danger of rape or sexual assault on college campuses than in the general population is a flat out lie, and not supported by the FBI, the Justice Department or any police force or rape-crisis centre. It is nonsense. The only way you can come to such a conclusion is to expand the definition of rape to include all kinds of consensual activity that is not rape by any logical analysis; which is exactly what the authors of this “study” have done.

This links the actual figures from the FBI

Rape is non-consensual sex through the use of force or the threat of force. That is what it is. Nothing else: It is not getting drunk, having sex with someone and then regretting it later. That is irresponsibility. It is not rape. Men are held responsible for their choices whether they are drunk or sober. Women should be held responsible for our choices too. I get a little tired of feminists telling me that I am a child who needs protection from my own choices. I am a grown woman and I will make up my own mind thank you. I do not like to get drunk and have random sex; but if I did then that would be my choice, not rape.

Where did the “one in four” figure come from? Look up Mary Koss. She invented it under commission from Gloria Steinem and “MS Magazine.” The majority of the students she deemed to have been raped; did not themselves believe that they had been raped. She decided that because they had engaged in drunken sex with their boyfriends, that they had been raped.

Why are these “studies” normally conducted on college campuses? Because college campuses have a culture of parties and casual, alcohol-fuelled hook-up culture: Feminists expanded the definition of rape to include drunken sex. So if a man and a woman go to a party and then fall into bed together in a fit of tipsy passion, then the man is a rapist if the woman regrets it the next day or if the man doesn’t call her later in the week.

If a boy tries to kiss a girl but she recoils; he realises that he has read the signals wrong and he backs off, probably feeling embarrassed; then under current definitions he has attempted to sexually assault her. If a couple are having sex but they have had a few drinks before hand — then he is a rapist! If he does not ask for permission then he is a rapist. Note: this only applies to men. I have never asked for consent. I don’t know any woman who has. But nobody ever suggested that I was a rapist. But like I said: Nobody ever expected political correctness to be consistent.

For some reason, the feminists have decided that when a drunken man and woman have sex; the man is a rapist but the woman isn’t even if the man has had more to drink? But nobody ever expected feminism to be consistent.

I am sure you are familiar with the famous Emma Sulkowitz / “Mattress Girl” case? She was allowed to torment an innocent man and publically slander him even though he was able to prove through her own texts and emails that he had never raped her. But she was still lauded as a heroine by the feminist movement across America. She was named the annual “Woman of Courage” by the National Association of Women” even though he had proven that she had been lying through her teeth; because after all we all know that PC ideology trumps truth or justice, and after all you cannot “blame the victim.”

Well I also believe that you should not blame the victim. But first we have to establish who the victim is. We should do that through a complete and objective examination of the facts, not by just believing one person’s word over another’s because of blind politically correct ideology. People lie about all kinds of things in order to hurt someone else; and rape is one of the easiest and most damaging things you can accuse a man of. It is easy because it will cause him a lot of harm. Even if the charge is never proven; the stigma will follow him for the rest of his life.

There is no evidence that “victim blaming” and “shaming” is preventing women from reporting sexual assault. In fact being a victim in youth culture today is the new celebrity. Everybody wants to claim to be a victim of something. They wear their supposed “victim-hood” like a crown of thorns so they can enjoy a period of being lauded and told how brave they are. The internet is bursting with stories of young girls telling how they have been assaulted and then sitting back and waiting for the fan mail. The idea that anyone is ashamed of being raped is accurate in Saudi Arabia, but certainly not anywhere in the western world. In the west if you have not been raped then you’re just not “cool.” And of course it is easy to claim you have been sexually assaulted when just about any kind of physical contact can now be categorised as sexual assault.

Example: A man in a night club in Manchester UK last year slapped a woman on the bottom as she walked by. He was ejected from the club and roughed up by the bouncers. But the woman brought charges. But the woman wanted him charged. He was charged with sexual assault, fined, given a suspended sentence and put on the sex-offenders register. Now what he did was rude and the bouncers gave him a firm lesson. He certainly needs to learn some manners. But sexual assault? Give me a break!

There has been an avalanche of cases of women being found guilty of making malicious accusations against innocent men across the UK and the USA over the last few years. Many women, by their own admission, made those accusations because they felt the man had slighted them in some way. Some did it because they just wanted to enjoy all the sympathy and attention they knew they would get. But these accusations can easily destroy an innocent man’s life.

It doesn’t matter if there is no evidence against him. The accusation alone will cost him his job, his family, his home and his future. No employer will give him a job because — “Hey wasn’t he up on a rape charge?” No landlord will rent him an apartment. No girl will go on a date with him. People in his home-town will treat him with suspicion and hostility and sometimes violence. The stigma will follow him for the rest of his life. And even if he proves that he is innocent and his accuser is convicted, the chances are she will walk out of court with a slap on the wrist.

I will link some cases below.

But hey; it’s all OK, right? Just as long as nobody “victim blames!”

There is no evidence that one in three people think that a sexual assault victim was to blame if she had been flirting with the perpetrator before-hand. That is a flat out lie on your part. Amnesty International found no such thing. Nobody thinks that. There might be some guy who lives in a cave in Pakistan who thinks that; but nobody in the western world thinks that. Nobody “victim blames.” The only people who “victim blame” are people like you who believe that if a man is accused of rape, then we should all assume him to be guilty even when there is no evidence.

Rape in the western world is considered to be one of the most heinous crimes. A man found guilty of it can expect a tougher sentence than the perpetrator of almost any other crime. In prison he will often have to be segregated from other prisoners for his own safety, because even hardened convicts hate rapists. The idea that our society blames the victim is just plain silly.

Sex is awkward and clumsy and sometimes funny. It is about body language, not words. It usually begins with kissing and petting; each sounding out the other person through their responses rather than their words. It advances naturally if those responses are positive. Nobody asks for permission. Asking for consent would totally kill the passion. Most human communication is non-verbal. It is done through body language. There used to be a rule. It was “No means No!” It was a good rule and everybody understood it. If either party said “No” or “Stop” at any stage then the other one would back off. It was the only rule we needed. Now we are re-framing the whole concept of sexual assault so that pretty much all sexual activity can be cast as sexual assault to allow feminism to ratchet up its “rape-culture” narrative.

“Rape Culture” is just another feminist bogeyman deliberately concocted to frighten women and demonise men. Feminism, like any ideology before it, depends on having a good supply of ghosts and goblins to frighten people, uniting them in fear and convincing them that only “the movement” can protect them. For the Nazis it was the Jews and Communists. For the Communists it was Capitalists / the Bourgeoisie. For western Capitalists it was Communism / Terrorism. For Islamic Fundamentalists it is the evil foreign infidel. For Feminists it is men; those nasty misogynistic agents of the “patriarchy.”

Rape is a crime that is uniquely abhorrent to most people including most men. Therefore it is one that has always been used as propaganda through the ages to invoke revulsion and incite hatred against a preferred enemy. From the much overblown “Rape of Belgium” narrative that was used to stir British and French men to action in 1914, to the scene of a black man hanging from a tree having been accused of looking sideways at a white woman in the United States; manufactured rape- hysteria has always been a useful weapon in the arsenal of those who feed on hostility and fear.

I am leaving some links about women who have caused terrible suffering by making malicious accusations, later proven to be completely false. I could give you thousands more. It is an extremely common phenomenon. The fist one is really tragic. A seventeen year old boy in England hanged himself last year because he had been falsely accused of rape. His heartbroken mother committed suicide last week. But in all of the other cases men’s lives have been destroyed. Some have been denied education and employment, and in some cases they have spent years in prison before being released.

But hey it’s OK. Because everybody believed the “victim!” Right?



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