Since you’re about to be accused of being a Russian propagandist, I think it reasonable to point…
Kady M.

And maybe one more addition to make the analogy complete. Texas succeeds from the union. Washington agrees to respect its right to do so. A treaty is signed in which Texas commits to protect the rights of non-Texas already living in Texas and also not to join any military alliance or to allow any foreign military troops on Texas soil.

Several years later, a new government in Texas has seized power in a Russian backed coup. This government looks the other way as groups of armed militias begin looting and burning non-Texan business and terrorising non-Texan citizens and these militias are being openly aided by Texan security forces and funded by Russia. Refugees begin pouring over the border into other states. Russia claims American aggression against its “ally,” and begins deploying “military advisers” to Texas while opening up talks with the Texas government in view of Texas joining the new Warsaw Pact.

Obama sends troops to secure areas near the Texan border vital to American interests, and also sends troops over the border into selected areas of Texas to protect non-Texan American citizens. He is hailed as a visionary statesman and peace-maker.

The UN loudly denounces Russia’s aggressive meddling in Texas and sanctions are imposed on Russia.

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