When we want to enact fundamental change, especially socially, it’s often under the (usually…
Elikem Jubey

Apologies for misreading your previous post. This one confuses me too though. You say we must risk things getting intense in order to gain freedom. What freedom do you mean? I cannot think of any freedoms that I do not have already.

I do not consider “equality,” as in the “substantive equality” that feminism calls for to be anything to do with freedom. They demand equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity and they have been very clear on this point through all of their theory and advocacy. That is the antitheses of freedom because in order to obtain that (and I don’t know why you would want it in the first place) you would have to remove people’s rights to their own free choices.

If you have freedom then you get inequality. If you want equality then you must remove freedom. You cannot have both.