I’m not sure what you mean by the term “end-state” but I would argue that history has this nagging…
Ron Collins

Bernard of Italy announced the end of history in 817. He knew that his daddy, the French king Charlemagne (who claimed he had never had sex with that woman) had fixed it all and he was just putting in the final touches. He claimed that with his eyes he could see the future and it didn't exist. Charlemagne’s other sons solved that problem for Bernard by blinding him with hot irons in 818.

I suppose the sky has been falling in since the beginning of time. I have met Irish students who think the world is on the brink of some kind of catastrophe because some guy who they had never heard of before this year, just got elected to a public office they know little about, in a country 5000 kilometres away on the other side of an ocean.

Maybe that’s what the internet does to your brain.

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