The assertion that blacks in America face no systemic obstacles amounts to a pretty extraordinary…
Paul Daniel Ash

“The burden of proof would be on you.”

Ehm: No it wouldn't: You obviously don’t know how it works. When you make a claim then the burden of proof is on you. You accuse me of making logical fallacies yet you have consistently failed to refute any of my points with anything but lazy ad-hominems.

You then attempt to back up your claim that there is systemic oppression against black people by first: conflating disparities in outcome with “oppression;” and second: By suggesting that disparities in outcome must reflect disparities in rights, opportunities or treatment in some way:

This is a massive logical fallacy:

Let me illustrate: The racial group that is most successful by every measurable benchmark in America is Asian; not white. There are clear disparities in outcome between the two groups. Does that mean that white people are being “oppressed” (to use your favourite word) by Asians?

Of course not:

The perception amongst people that a group of white youths might pose more of a threat than a group of Asian youths is not “oppression.” It is based in the very realistic understanding that the white youths statistically pose more of a threat.

It is understandable that people, including cops, might see young black men as more of a threat in view of the fact that young black men are responsible for the lion’s share of violent crime in America.

As for young black men being stopped more by police. That is also not a mystery, and you are far too quick to read racism into it because that is all you want to see. If there is an armed robbery in a particular area and the witness who calls it in reports a red-haired midget running from the scene; then the cops are only going to be interested in red-haired midgets that day; and a red haired midget who tries to run when confronted by a cop, is more likely to be shot even if he was not the guy they were looking for.

You are looking in entirely the wrong direction because you need to. The real question is not why are young black men featuring so high on police radar; nor is it why are young black men incarcerated in much greater numbers proportionately than white or Asian men. The relevant question is why do young black men, members of a 13% minority, commit about 50% of all violent crime.

And even if these disparities in outcome you point to were a result of discrimination (which you have not shown) then that would still not constitute “oppression.” I once again suggest you look up your favourite word.

It is very simple: If we discover that Irish people are more likely to die of cancer than say French people. Do we automatically assume that the French are getting better medical treatment because of discrimination against the Irish; or do we ask why Irish people tend to smoke a lot more.

That is logic: You are beginning with illogical premises and drawing even more illogical conclusions. You need to begin with a question not a conclusion.

According to the FBI: Black people, mostly young black men, commit — 49.4% of all murders; 32.5% of all forcible rapes; 54.9% of all robberies and 34.1% of all aggravated assaults. That comes from US statistics for 2012. This 13% minority produces as many criminals as the other 87% of the population.

So when you claim that people in general and cops in particular are more wary of young black men: I would be very surprised if you were wrong. But I see a perfectly logical reason for that.

If I am mugged four times over three years and the perpetrators on three of those occasions are Italian; then I am likely to be very wary of Italians. That is pure instinct. It is not racism. It is self-preservation.

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