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“To those participating in the March For Life: First of all, good for you. Raise your voices, express your concerns, gather, make signs, do your thing. I won’t call you names. I respect your right to do this, and I respect your conviction.”

Good for you too: It is a refreshing change to see someone who claims to “advocate for equality” actually prepared to listen to the opposition rather than just screaming names like “fascist” and “misogynist” at them.

“Second, be clear with your cause. You don’t march for life. You march for the birth of a foetus. Think about this:”

Well no: The pro-life people are generally of the opinion that that foetus is a human life; that they are one and the same: When you have a baby; nobody is going to send you a card saying “congratulations on the birth of your foetus.”

“At what age does this life stop mattering to you? When it’s in the womb, you cry for it, you fight for it, you empathize with it, and you march for it.”

I don’t think human life stops mattering to most people at all.

“When it becomes 1 month old, you hope the mother supports it, feeds it, and nurtures it. But you don’t support the mother in this endeavour.”

This is a funny kind of logic: I do not think that powerful countries should drop bombs on villages in third world countries because I do not think it is right to kill people. That does not make me responsible for looking after all those people.

I do not say — well I cannot feed and clothe and provide shelter for all those people so what the hell — go ahead and kill them.

“You think she should “work hard,” “pull herself up by the bootstraps,” and get by on her $7.25/hr minimum wage job. You vote for those who block legislation to protect its mother from violence, from making the same wage as men, from getting basic healthcare, from getting food stamps and support to care for it.”

I do not think the pro-life movement is synonymous with any of those things. In fact I know at least in the country where I live; the country coincidentally where that photo was taken; it is very active in lobbying for more support for single mothers and also for more affordable distribution of birth control.

In any case if you are talking about Ireland, then you need worry no longer because you would be amazed at the amount of support and the quality of housing and education that is available free for single mothers.

They simply believe that an unborn baby is a human life and that nobody has the right to take a life.

Many of them also believe that young women should be taught to take responsibility for their choices and to avoid getting pregnant if they are not capable of raising the child. I tend to agree with them on that.

I also think you are mistaken if you believe that there is any legislation in place or proposed that blocks women from being paid the same as men for the same work. The right to equal pay is very much guaranteed by law, in Ireland and across most of the world.

The rest of your post is basically a sad story about a child growing up in a system which systemically destroyed the nuclear family years ago: along with a lot of exaggerated projections about what you think all people who are pro-life believe. But none of it has anything to do with the right to life, which is the only thing the abortion debate is about. These stories are all too common even in places where abortion is available on demand.

Emotive stories notwithstanding; the abortion issue is about the right to life; nothing else.

There is only one question that needs to be answered, and I do not claim to know the answer — at what point precisely does a foetus become a human being? If you agree that we do not have the right to take the life of another; and if you cannot answer that question; then frankly you have no idea what you are talking about.

Your rationalisation for abortion works just as well as a rationalisation for killing one year old babies who face a life of poverty. In fact it would provide an equally convincing rationalisation to kill human beings with various kinds of illness or disabilities.

So we are back to that question. If you do not believe that we have the right to kill another human being; if we believe that every human being has the right to life; then all you need to solve the question is to show precisely when a foetus becomes a human being.

Before that it is simply the property of the mother and hers to do with as she pleases. But after that point it is a human life, and nobody owns a human life; not even its mother.

But if you don’t care about that and you really do believe that a good reason to allow abortion is the fact that the child, if born, might have a bad life; then really you are arguing in favour of some kind of Orwellian euthanasia project.

So what is your cut off point? Is it after two weeks or two months or two seconds before birth?

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