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“He went bankrupt more time than one could possibly count.”

I think that is a bit of an exaggeration but yes he went bankrupt, like lots of other businessmen. I am not sure how this makes any of them similar to Hitler?

“Evades taxes:”

I assume all property developers and business people in general try to find loopholes in the tax system. But anyway I don’t know if Hitler evaded taxes or not so that point is irrelevant.

“Has a terrible reputation in the construction business because he doesn’t pay people or unilaterally renegotiate terms”

Well Hitler was also in the construction business in a way, with his massive building projects in the 1930s. He did pay people. So once again I am not sure where you see comparisons.

“Has 3550 something law suits filled against him.”

I’ll take your word for it. We both agreed that Trump is a corrupt businessman. But that does not mean that he has “a little bit of Hitler in him.” Hitler had no law suits against him. Once again your attempt to compare Trump to Hitler falls flat.

“Never donated a dollar to charity.”

Not true. He has donated money to various charities. Hitler did too. Wow now there’s something. Maybe you’re right. Trump donated some money to a charity. So did Hitler. Therefore they must be pretty much the same. That is the kind of “logic” you’re going with here if I’m not mistaken.

“Thinks Global Warming is a hoax made up by the Chinese.”

No: He thinks it is massively overblown and exaggerated and so do lots of people. Are they all like Hitler too?

“Wants to build a 50 billion dollar wall which is a fucking joke just to channel that public money through his shady companies”

Yes: We agree on the wall already.

“Believes he’s above the law and sexual assault doesn’t apply to him because he’s a reality show celebrity (“they’d let you do anything….grab them by the pussy”

He gave no evidence that he believes he is above the law. He also does not believe that sexual assault is OK. He made some lewd remarks which the Clinton campaign tried desperately to turn into a PC pity party for the benefit of hysterical easily offended people like you.

Try spending an afternoon on a cross country bus with an all female soccer team. The banter and lewd comments would make Donald Trump blush — well probably not but you get the point.

He’s as authoritarian as dictators like Putin and Qaddafi”

Well you keep repeating it but you don’t say it. Just keep chanting it off right? If you say it enough times then it automatically becomes true….. or something.

I already explained the vast differences between the leadership roles of Qaddafi and Putin. They are not only not on the same page. They are not even in the same book. Your hysterical unsubstantiated claims do not change that.

“Advocated for war crimes (waterboarding , kill terrorist’s families)”

Every President who has occupied the White House (or the Kremlin) has advocated for war crimes and also ordered them.

“Advocated for deportation”

Almost every country in the world deports illegal immigrants. Trump wants to do what most countries

already do. So is every leader in the world a little like Hitler now too?

“Threatened to jail his opponent”

Nonsense: He believes that the FBI investigations should continue until concluded. He pointed out that Clinton is not above the law and if found guilty of serious crimes then she should go to jail. Trump does not have the power to jail anyone. Stop being silly.

Hitler on the other hand did send many people to prison and also had many more murdered.

“Threatened to kill journalists”

Ehm: No. He has never made any serious threat to kill anyone. Stop telling lies.

“Threatened to block the internet”

No he didn’t: See above.

“Praised Putin for being a “strong leader” when reporters asked about a journalist found dead.”

Putin is a strong leader as far as millions of people are concerned. Trump was just making an accurate observation.

“Lies consistently”

So do you. Do you have “a little but of Hitler” in you too?

“Advocated for violence against protesters (punch them in the face)”

I’ll take your word for that, but then you do not seem to understand the difference between casual quips and serious advocacy. If I say that I would push Ankela Merkel out of a window; that is me expressing my dislike for Ankela Merkel. It does not mean that I would actually do that.

I know: It is confusing isn’t it. But the Clinton campaigns constant insulting the intelligence of the electorate by conflating silly banter with actually policy points that lost her a lot of votes.

“Spent 5 million dollars to have his bathroom plated in gold”

I will assume that is true, and that its not just another one of your fantasies. How does that make Trump like Hitler? Hitler didn’t have a gold pated bathroom. In fact Hitler was not particularly interested in luxury at all.

“Claimed that mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists”

No he didn’t. That is an out of context quote from an interview during which he repeated three times that in his opinion — “Most Mexicans are good people.”

He made his point very clearly in that interview. He said that porous borders tend to attract criminals. That is a fair point. The relatively easy access US border is one of the reasons why Northern Mexico is one of the world’s crime hotspots. Open borders are also why crime rates are soaring in Germany now too.

“Didn’t rule out the use of nuclear weapons in Europe”

Nor has any American president. Nor did his opponent.

“Made ridiculous promises of bringing back jobs which would not be brought back”

Yes: He makes promises he cannot keep in order to get people to vote for him. Of course all other politicians don’t do that. Only Trump and Hitler do that sort of thing apparently.

“Is anti trade even though even a 5 year old understands how trade advantages everyone”

No: He is against those trade deals that he believes are bad for his country. Even a 5 year old can see that while trade is a good thing; not every deal is a good deal.

“Wants to pull out the Paris agreement on climate change”

Yes: So do lots of political leaders around the world who are also not Hitler. Hitler never pulled Germany out of a climate change treaty just so you know.

“Advocated for a proliferation of nuclear weapons”

You mean like every other American president since Kennedy? Wow there are a lot of Hitlers out there.

Advocated for an increased defense spending”

See above — oh yes and Putin too.

“Is a demagogue who appeals to the lowest common denominator”

Not even going to address that. It is a meaningless subjective statement designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

“Praised Qatar for it’s infrastructure built using slave labor.”

Was that before or after Qatar was writing checks for the Clintons?

“Used immigrant labor in each and every project he developed”

But but but — I thought he was a racist! I thought he hated immigrants? Make up your mind.

Oh wait. He is not a racist. He employs immigrants and native born Americans alike. He is even married to an immigrant.

He just does not agree with Illegal Immigration. It is not his fault if that simple difference is too much for naive, slogan chanting autonomous to understand.

“Succeeded in bankrupting a casino”

Oh dear: Did Hitler do that too?

“Completely destroyed a political party”

Someone should give him a medal for that.

“Scammed people for millions of dollars with stuff like the Trump University”

Yes: That is what businessmen do. They con money out of people. Unfortunately the rest of the education system seems to be catching up with Trump University pretty fast and most of that is down to the dumbing down introduced during the Obama years.

“Wrote a children book titled “Winners aren’t Losers””

I didn’t know he wrote a children’s book but I have no idea why it is relevant to a claim that he has a “little bit of Hitler in him.”

“He’s anti gay marriage”

Actually I don’t think he is. I could be wrong but I have never heard him say anything about gay marriage. I do know that Hillary Clinton was vehemently anti- gay marriage until four years ago when she realised that her stance on gay marriage might damage her shot at the white house. I suspect that this is just another one of your bald claims which you won’t back up because it comes from nothing that Trump said but out of the Looney-soup of happy clappy PC consensus.

“He was so in need of attention that he had to make up the lie of President Obama not being American”

He didn’t make it up. He just went along with it until it was proven false and he then accepted that it was not true.

“Before he was even elected he already severed relations with Iran”

How did he sever American relations with any foreign country before he even takes office? What on earth are you babbling about now? Do you even know what you are trying to say?

“Didn’t debate in any of the 10 debates he participated during the campaign , he just yelled at opponents and made fun of them”

I saw several of the debates and it pretty much worked both ways. Both sides behaved like a bunch of kids in a school yard.

“Used whistleblowers revelations to propel his campaign”

So what? Whistle blowers serve a useful purpose because they often expose the behaviour of the powerful. What is wrong with that?

“Is anti abortion”

So are lots of people. That doesn’t make them Hitler.

“Has been endorsed by all 6000 members of the KKK”

That is pretty impressive considering the KKK has less than 5000 members. Donald Trump cannot help what 5000 racist bigots do any more than Hillary Clinton can help what a much greater number of racist bigots from BLM do. The real difference is that Trump never gave any support of any kind to the KKK. Clinton did give verbal support to BLM.

“Internally….this guy has had people who opposed him killed or jailed”

Putin has not had anybody killed. He does not have the power to kill or jail people. There are many opponents of Putin who have been criticising him for years. They still are.

I assume you are talking about Anna Politkovskaya who was shot in Moscow. Of course she had been criticising Putin and so all the conspiracy theorists believed what they wanted to believe. But while Putin had no motive to have her killed; her death and the suspicion raked up by his opponents did him more damage than her newspaper articles ever managed to do. The major Moscow drug cartels all had far bigger reasons to kill Politkovskaya than Putin ever did. So once again you are jumping to conclusions you want to believe instead of analysing anything objectively.

I don’t know who killed Anna Politkovskaya. I doubt it had anything to do with Putin but I don’t know. Nor do you.

Putin certainly has his yachts and planes and all kinds of luxuries which are extremely expensive by the standards of Russian politicians, but they are not unusual by the standards of western politicians.

Once again I do not know how any of this makes either Trump or Putin anything like Hitler.

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