Kellyanne Conway is The Perfect Mascot For The Poisonous Parade of White Feminism
Ezinne Ukoha

Hmmm: Kellyanne Conway; the epitome of the bold successful empowered woman; the first woman to manage a successful presidential election campaign and to it with such vigour and determination: She should become a feminist icon surely?

But wait: She was working for the wrong side politically and She’s White!!! Yes; she has committed the unforgivable crime of having been born without the approved politically correct skin colour! What a monster. Unlike Ezinne Ukoha, Kellanne Conway does not spew racist hate-mongering in all directions; but hey she’s white. Isn’t that enough?

So what are feminists to do about this woman who dared to be so stunningly successful while being white? Well they will bombard her with nasty racist and slurs. They will accuse her, without any evidence of course, of supporting all kinds of sinister agendas. I suppose it at least makes a change from claiming anyone you don’t agree with it Hitler.

Schadenfreude is comforting feeling though. Watching feminists tear each-other apart over such trivialities as skin-colour is quite fun. I suppose when you embrace identity politics, they are always going to blow up in your face in the end. So in the spirit of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” I should be supporting the feminist race-baiters against the feminists who concentrate on gender baiting. Hopefully it will result in an all out feminist civil war and may both sides lose!

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