Is there an epidemic of people being fired, denied housing or a restaurant seat because they don’t…
Rick Fischer

I actually don’t think Parker Molloy wants anything. I suspect he just saw a PC bandwagon and jumped on. All he really wants is a platform to grandstand his own presumed moral superiority for a few pats on the head from other mindless “progressives” who are doing the same as he is.

The whole trans thing is just a PC political football; but the fact that none of these clowns actually care one jot about trans-people, (whatever they are) does not mean that they cannot do a lot of damage by acting as rabble rousers; running around trying to smash open all kinds of dangerous cans of beans without thinking for a moment about the wider consequences. They do help to create an opening for people who do know how to manage the herd and who also don’t care about the trans issue but will know how to use it to their advantage.

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