I’m as put-out and as exhausted as anyone over this electionist exercise in mass psychosis.
Ron Collins

I agree. I would probably vote for Trump if I were American. I am not a fan of Trump. I find him irritating at best, boastful, arrogant and constantly shooting himself in the foot. He is a first class boor, although I have seen no evidence that he is the racist, sexist and everything else-ist that the media seems intent on casting him as.

I was also following the wikkileaks and took away the same impression as you. Looks like Clinton’s friends have been leaning on Ecuador too. Hillary’s response to them was also very telling on the few occaisions any interviewer was bold enough to bring them up.

It was all Russia’s fault apparently. Now have no doubt that Russia, like everyone else, engages in online espionage. I also have no doubt that Russia would prefer not to see Clinton in the White House. The world is a dangerous enough place already. So I suppose it is very possible that wikkileaks acquired those emails from Moscow. But that is hardly the point is it? If it is true then that means you need better on-line security and probably not to allow Clinton access to classified information: but it is the content of those emails that is important in the context of an American election; not who leaked them.

Hillary Clinton didn’t want to talk about that. She only wanted to talk about how her secret manipulations and her corruption were all the fault of “the Russians.” And I noticed also that there seemed an almost universal consensus in the media that she would be allowed to use her rants about the Russians to avoid the real issue.

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