Without knowing the proportion of slaves who were allowed to get married this quote alone does not…
Sarah Campbell

I am afraid you are missing the point Sarah. It is obvious that the quiz itself is badly compiled because there is more than one possible correct answer. On that I think we agree. The answers are too vague anyway.

My contention is that according to the best records we have available, answers C and D are both correct, and those two answers do not contradict each-other at all. But I accept that that is only true according to the best records available which are not exactly extensive. There is no garuntee that they are accurate. But they would need to be out by a margin of at least 40% for answer D to become false. But even assuming that they are so completely inaccurate, then that would mean only one thing; that the correct answer can only be — “we don’t know.”

The student is claiming she does know based on absolutely nothing except that she seems to think her skin colour somehow gives her ownership of historical fact.

What we do know is that there are no records or statistics from the period which support the student’s claim, and absolutely no reason for her to turn a disagreement on a point of history into an excuse for personalised race-baiting.

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