Take a closer look at those societies that function under strict Sharia; women are lower than…
Sandra Lee Smith

I am no fan of Islamic fundamentalism and if you have seen any of my other posts you will know that I believe all measures should be taken to keep Islam out of Europe. I have worked in the Middle East and personally I would like to see the Middle East stay where it is. One of my problems with Islam is its horrendous attitudes to human rights and basic freedoms in general.

But if you can name any Islamic country where women are “lower than livestock” then please do. Sharia is not big on human rights but it does stipulate very clearly what rights women have. It does not grant any rights to livestock. Women do not have equal rights; but nor are they property; and in many areas; especially in the justice system if that is what you could call it, men are treated much more harshly than women. For every woman flogged in Yemen for example, there are two men hanged usually for some minor infraction against Sharia. Under the law a woman who appeals for mercy on conviction will often have her death sentence commuted to a flogging and /or a prison sentence. Much is made of the Taliban in areas they control denying education to girls. But they deny boys an education too and often force them into being child soldiers also.

Sharia treats women harshly. It also treats man harshly. My point was that some objectivity is required before making claims of oppression of one half of the population while ignoring the oppression of the other half.

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