The Insulting Accusation of ‘Ignorance’
Robert Stacy McCain

I am not quite sure why anyone would thin anyone else cares what they do in their bedrooms. I’m not quite sure why everyone these days seems to want to turn their personal foibles into some kind of movement that demands everyone else’s attention and applause.

And one source of victim-hood is never enough because of course you’ve got to compete with other “victims” for first place on the pedestal of victim-hood. That is what “internationality” is for.

You may be gay; but I am gay and black so I score more victim points than you. Check your privilege! But wait: I am gay black, female and “trans” so I win! Oh damn, Here comes a gay, black female trans disabled person. She’s got us all beat. Hmmm — I just remembered. Some guy raped me! I’m a survivor. Out of my way!

Constantly trying to find reasons to call yourself a victim so that you can then demand attention just seems childish to me.

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