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“You do not solve a social/cultural problem by simply playing with money.”

I am not suggesting playing with money. I am suggesting a simple refusal to fund institutions of education that elevate ideological doctrines over scholarship. I also don’t care about the motivation. Show me a politician who is motivated by pure altruism and I will show you a purple unicorn.

I don’t know about green lighting torture either. I do not have to wave a team flag here. I detest team colours in politics. I was referring to the suggestion that he might defund universities that are betraying their commitment to education. That is all.

I certainly would not approve of torture no matter who green lighted it and if Trump is doing that then shame on him. Of course American governments have been using torture and murder for as long as anyone can remember, just like many other governments. I just find it curious that people choose to either call it out or protest it depending on whether the president of the time is a republican or a democrat.

“I am surprised you believe anyone could fix the education system so easily.”

I don’t really. I just think that would be a giant first step.

“Trump’s threat might sound appealing to some, but is that because they are concerned about education’s very troubled state — which is now endemic — or because they sympathise with the ideas of the man and the dictatorial manner in which he might try to impose them?”

I don’t care: I assume they are motivated by their own agendas and their own careers and party affiliations. That is irrelevant to me.

“He is only supposed to be a president — not god.”

We don’t need God to fix the education system. We just need some common sense solutions and someone with the gumption to use them.

“He seems to lack any allowance for the fact that 75% of the electorate did not vote for him.”

He doesn’t need to. He won the election fairly under the rules he was obliged to follow. Complaining about the rules after you lose the game is called bad sportsmanship.

“Alternatively, he could try something a bit more conciliatory… but then you know that’s not going to happen.”

I know that “conciliatory” doesn’t work with shrieking ideologues. I come across them all the time. They cannot be appeased and they cannot be reasoned with. The only thing they understand is taking away all their free stuff.

“You are playing into the mentality that people who have your views are entitled to throw their weight around.”

You insult my intelligence. I know this game very well. I also don’t want to throw my weight around or force my views on anybody. I just want the right to express them freely without being banned, threatened or fired from my job. I have been fighting this particular cancer for almost seven years now in Ireland. It is exactly the same.

This is not about anyone being entitled to throw their weight around. It is about denying that entitlement to everybody.

Not going to go down the fascist road with you. Trump is not a fascist. Not everybody you don’t like is a fascist.

“If the law were applied fairly Trump would already be in jail.”

If the law were applied fairly then half the presidents and ministers and big business people in the world would be in jail.

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