I don’t know, Svetlana.
Sirous Martel

I apologise for disrespecting your lived experience. I was so thoughtless because of my white privilege. I will check my privilege immediately. I hope you got the therapy you needed to help you to heal after your monster trauma. Just remember that you are a survivor. You are strong.

Oops: I forgot to insert a trigger warning at the top of this post: I will do so now.


This post may contain discussion about monsters which my trigger some people. If you are a survivor of thinking there were monsters under your bed, then you might prefer to proceed immediately to the safe space. Also this post may offend some people who identify as monsters or trans monsters on the gender/species spectrum.


No feminists, Social Justice Warriors or people who identify as member of the LGBTRUSHIFDSXYZ community were harmed during the writing of this post.

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