Shelley Higgins

I certainly do not advocate for anybody being forced to do anything against their will. I believe in completely equal rights and equal opportunities across the board.

What I have a problem with is the concept of “equality;” that we must re-engineer society to produce an artificial equality of outcome in every sphere.

I do not think all women should be pressurised into getting married and raising children even though I know many of us will want to do that anyway. I just have a problem with the relentless war against marriage and the family being waged by the feminist mindset in our public institutions from the school system right up to the government.

Of course it is not for every woman; and of course it involves a trade off; but let people make their own choices. Societies need to stop bashing at the one institution that has held all successful societies together for thousands of years.

When a society destroys the family then it commits suicide. It does not need to force anybody into that lifestyle. But it should protect the concept of the nuclear family for those who will freely choose it. Feminism is not just irrelevant; it is toxic to society because it smashes the foundations of society.

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