Yeah, and nothing wrong with calling that out.

I did not claim that there was not any kind of push against science in the USA. I said that I didn't know. My point was very simple. The author made some vague references to researchers being defunded. I know that funds are finite. Researchers are defunded all the time. Others are funded. Doing scientific research in academia is a constant struggle to maintain funding and a constant effort to prove that your work merits that funding.

Instead of backing up his claim that there was evidence of some kind of “war against science” the author took a completely anti-science route and used vague emotive rhetoric to try to sway his audience. An appeal to emotion is the opposite of science. Most of the examples he used to appeal for an emotional response were demonstrably untrue anyway.

If I were on his research funding panel I would be persuaded to allocate his funding elsewhere; to a researcher who had demonstrated a commitment to science over political correctness.

I know that there is at least one war against science being waged in America through my familiarity with the University of Wisconsin. That war is being waged by ideology which tries (and succeeds) to elevate politically correct group-think over proven truth. There is no place for ideology in science. There can be no such thing as “right-think” or “wrong-think” in science. That is why I do not believe this guy understands science.

If you are looking for a war against science then look no further than a major university allowing its biology material to be re-written to comply with PC dogma. A few research bodies losing funding on the other hand — so it has always been. Nobody is entitled to funding.

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