But Sveta, I don’t agree that women is gold diggers just because they don’t want to entertain a…
Hildegerd Haugen

I don’t either. I was just using a commonly used term for effect. My point is that women and men both have naturaly evolved traits. None of them are perfect. So when I hear a man say — “women are gold-diggers” or a woman says — “men just think with their dicks,” I think well there are grains of truth in everything. Most women seek out focussed men with good job prospects because most women want to develop secure families. Some women will just jump into bed with any rich man hoping to catch one. Usually there are a lot of grey areas in between. It works the same for men.

So I was simply saying that Mother Nature did not make any of us perfect, but that does not mean that either men or women are all bad people. Most people are basically decent enough despite their natural flaws.

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