Ummm, Eastern Canada has taken imports of oil and gas due to the logistics of transfering crude…
Blair Gilmore

I got it from here but the archives are pay for view so unless you want to pay you cannot read it. I am not particularly interested in Russian trade in the 1970s so I am not expert, but I do know that Canada was one of the few western countries that Russia did sell oil to. In terms of grain; the collective farms in Russia collapsed for the second time under Brezhnev, mostly because collectivisation is a stupid idea in the first place; but Russia once more found that it needed to import large quantities of grain, and in the absence of hard currency that was actually worth anything, oil, gas and serious metals and minerals were all Russia had to trade with.

Much of the produce that did come off the collective farms, plus much of the imported grain, was in turn used to prop up other communist countries, particularly Cuba.

The Soviet Union and détente of the 1970s Vladislav Zubok

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