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I was raised in the USSR / Russia and I have lived and worked in various countries across Europe America and the Middle East. I know modern European history at a university in Ireland. I have also studies feminist theory and advocacy in depth and I know it like the back of my hand. I have written extensively on it and the damage it does. Unlike most feminists I have also studied extensively human evolution, genetics and the biological imperatives that drive distinct differences in behaviour between men and women.

Your response is very feminists in nature. It is vague abstract and makes sweeping implications of things like “tearing down the “patriarchy.” You like all feminist are incapable of giving one example of how the “patriarchy” works and you fail to explain why this “patriarchy” privileges women in so many ways over men. I explained lots of them. You failed to refute any of them.

You then suggest that I have the right to do a whole lot of things because of feminists; things that had nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with emerging technologies and developing cultures. In Britain for example it was male union leader who pushed for equal pay to be made law. Why? Because companies were refusing to hire men on the basis that they could hire women cheaper.

Today there are no laws which discriminate against women anywhere in the western world. There is no right that men have that women do not have. I challenge you to give me an example of one if you can.

In fact you actually acknowledged all of the inequalities and injustices that feminist lobbies have pushed for against men. You describe them as the “tenets of feminism.” At least we agree on something: That feminism is about inequality.

And I know that feminists are trying to hijack issues around gay rights and black issues because the feminists ran out of any real issues of their own decades ago. Feminists also destroyed the atheist movement with all their pathetic whining about micro-aggressions and seeing “sexism” everywhere they looked. No change there. Elisabeth Cady Stanton and her friends tried to hijack the Abolitionist movement too. Fortunately the Abolitionists were smart enough not to allow feminists take control of their movement.

You finish by suggesting that I am “playing nice” for the boys club. I am not in any boys club. I am in the people club and I do not consider men to be a different species. I have also never come across any discrimination against me or any other woman I know based on gender. And I come from a country where feminism never took hold at all: A country which was one of the first in the world to grant women the right to vote back before my grandmother was born. Of course most people did not have the vote for most of history; but women have owned land, run their own businesses and have been taken very seriously back as far as the Roman Republics. They also played sports. Now I could play football for example. But I would be unlikely to be as good at it as a male footballer: Because a man of my age is typically twice as physically strong as me. That is why I probably would not be taken as seriously in sport. That is why sports are segregated by gender. That is biology not discrimination. Take it up with Mother Nature, but I have bad news for you. Mother Nature doesn’t care about your feminist neurosis.

So I give you a long list of ways in which men are heavily discriminated against. You agree with my list, but you still imply that women are somehow oppressed and yet you fail to give even one example of this supposed oppression.

Well done. You’re doing feminism correctly.

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