I understand that this is a topic you care about, but I can’t fathom why it’s relevant in the…
David Streever

I was responding to your comment. I tend to assume that people write articles and leave comments to invite response. You suggested that people are generally to be believed when they say what they like. I was simply pointing out that while that is usually true, it is not always the case with the things that are more important.

I was originally responding to this comment in the article -

“There are men out there in the world who think they know more about what 25 year old women want to read than a 25 year old woman does, and they will unashamedly tell her that to her face.”

I agreed with that but I added that it works both ways. I also suggested that in some cases, especially concerning romantic relationships, asking men what women want might give you a less rose coloured and more realistic insight than asking the women themselves. Of course this works both ways too.

Men have more experience interacting with women in terms of romantic relationships than women do, and visa versa.

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