The Most Overlooked & Underrated Characters in ‘Get Out’ Are Black Women
B. Willis

I watched that movie a few days ago. I thought it was much over-rated and very predictable. But you asked for thoughts: Mine are that you read far too much into cheap entertainment. You also succumb far too much to an industry that will try to manipulate your emotions for money.

I could write an analysis of the movie too. It could easily be interpreted as having “racist” undertones. But that racism involved the stereotyping of white people; something that seems very trendy today. What did the movie feature after all? — Nasty privileged white people trying to exploit and enslave black people: Until a brave black man and his trusty friend fights back.

The narrative is so common it’s getting boring.

I was rooting for the main character when I watched it. I think that guy; whoever he is, has a lot of talent as an actor.

By the way; I don’t think Georgina was a comment on black women or any race or sex especially: “White” ones apparently; because we all know that black people do not have such prejudices — apparently.

I think you are deliberately contriving to miss the point. Georgina was supposed to be a victim of systems of snobbery and elitism. The film was about wealth not colour and the only reason it used the black / white narrative was because that is what sells today.

The question is — Are you analysing it or is it analysing you?

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