Meg, I will grant you coming in, I do not know what it feels like to be a woman.
Ron Collins

If I were a man I think I would be sick to death of all of the assumptions about me that are constantly parroted off all over the media and in the education system. I would be sick of my masculinity constantly being ridiculed either as a joke or dismissed as dangerous and deviant. I would be extremely irritated on a daily basis by publications and institutions judging me based on how well I live up to standards set by women.

But I am a woman so I cannot claim to know what being a man is like except of course in the common ways we are all the same species.

But let me first just address this line from Meg:

“Imagine if Trump had said he could just grab guys by the crotch and get away with it? …. Got that picture, guys? … This is why it’s not ok.”

A far more realistic analogy would be to imagine a female figure of note talking about grabbing guys by the cock.

The response to that would most certainly be general applause and shouts of “you go girl.”

And it is OK. Crude banter may be unwise for a public figure sometimes but it is OK. Our society does not need to condemn people for making the occasional verbal faux pas.

I can only enter this discussion from a woman’s point of view and in defence of women. I am sick and tired of this feminist mindset that casts us all as weak, defenceless whiny damsels who need to be protected from hearing anything we might not like. I am tried of men being attacked by the po-faced judges of political correctness because they said something “sexist” or made a “lewd” joke.

I am sick of that for mostly selfish reasons I confess. If I need the speech police to protect me from crude remarks or sexist banter then what does that say about my character?

Newsflash: Most women say “sexist” things too and anybody who thinks that we do not make racy sexist jokes about men, is deluding themselves. And it doesn’t matter anyway. “Inappropriate” comments, “locker-room banter,” “sexist remarks” — None of these things is the preserve of males. They are just human and they don’t do any harm to anybody.

So feminists; if you want to behave like a bunch of hypersensitive toddlers, shrieking for your safe spaces and trying to police “inappropriate” speech out of existence, then at least stop claiming you are behaving that way on behalf of women. Your childish petulance is doing us no favours. All it does is give us a reputation for being neurotic insecure and immature.

Men sometimes make crude remarks. Women sometimes do too. Lets just all grow up and get over it and focus on things that actually matter:

And to feminists — please please please stop infantilising us.

I am a grown woman who can deal with the ups and downs of human interaction. I do not need you protection from what a man might say and I find it extremely insulting to be constantly told that I do. I can give as good as I take in any interaction just like most women and most men and in my experience women are just as sexist as men are; and that is perfectly fine too.


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