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“I’m just gonna tell her, yeah, you’re feminists are BAD BAD PEOPlE”

Or ……….. Just a suggestion. You could try to actually make a logical rebuttal to anything I said about feminism. But you choose instead to evade the actual points and make silly personal ad hominems instead; a sure sign of an ideologue who has nothing but slogans and mindless religious-like zealotry.

I don’t care what kind of silly stereotypes you project on to me. I am not a feminist you see so I am not that sensitive. But The fact that you cannot refute any of my points just confirms that they were sound and that you know it.

As for women walking five steps behind men, and women having to be covered head to toe; you have a good point there. It is a dysfunctional culture and it is now flooding into Europe mostly because of Germany’s open border policies. And which groups were in the vanguard of lobbying for open order policies? Oh that’s right: Feminists.

Feminists screamed about “rape culture” for years when it wasn't actually happening. But now they ignore it when it arrives in Europe on their invitation. “Diversity” they scream; another dumb article of feminist faith. Well welcome to “diversity;” just make sure that you are covered head to toe and always in the company of a male relative.

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