My bad, my bad.
Mauricio Lemos

It appears that you were replying to me after all. Here is what I said -

“The people who called you those things are no better than you. They should have not taken your racist bait and they should not have reduced themselves to your level of ignorance.”

My point was clear. When she writes relentless screeds of nasty racist hate-mongering directed at white people, then she can expect little sympathy from me when others spew the same nasty racist abuse at her.

I was quite clear. I despise racism no matter what colour the racist happens to be. I just find the author’s glaring double standards to be grossly hypocritical.

Almost every article that Ijeoma Oluo writes amounts to a vile screed of hate against white people. When you make a career out of hatred, then it is likely to back-fire on you.

Some people call that karma.

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