That is illogical unless you fail to distinguish between actual acts of crime and police statistics…
John Hopkins

“It is like looking at stats and saying most drug-takers are from lower class backgrounds when it seems pretty obvious that those from wealthier backgrounds are far less likely to get busted.”

No it is not illogical. But maybe I should have been clearer. I was looking at stats for the types of crimes that are most likely to result in custodial sentences. It may indeed be true that a lot of people from wealthy backgrounds take drugs too; but they are far less likely to deal in them. They are also far less likely to become involved in gang related crime which accounts for more than 80% of murders and shootings in the USA.

People from wealthier backgrounds are much less likely to end up in prison because they are much less likely to commit serious crimes. They are more likely to have university educations for a start and that tends to lead to more secure jobs. They basically begin life with all kinds of advantages that tend to make it far less likely that they will resort to serious crime. That is not about race, that is about wealth and security.

Young black men, overwhelmingly from poor backgrounds and with no third level education; also typically from single mother / welfare dependent homes, commit the lion’s share of crime in the USA. They account for 49.4% of all murders; 32.5% of all forcible rapes; 54.9% of all robberies and 34.1% of all aggravated assaults. This 13% minority produces as many criminals as the other 87% of the population.

That is not racism. That is a reality.

Studiously ignoring this fact (on the part of groups like BLM) is racism.

I do not believe for one minute that a black baby the day it is born, is any more predisposed to commit murder or burglary than a white baby. So the question is why does it become statistically more likely to do so as it grows up.

Of course all the evidence suggests it is about poverty and broken families. The majority of white people in prison are also the products of poverty and broken homes. That is universal. But in the USA, 72% of all black babies born in 2011, were born to single mothers and the vast majority of those mothers were dependent on some form of welfare. By contrast only 23% of white babies were born to single mothers the same year.

This is the elephant in the room that Amber doesn’t want to see. She prefers to just close her eyes and scream “racist” at anyone who does see it.

Of course another factor might be that a wealthier person would be able to afford a better legal defence, but it is obvious that controlling for that would not even make a dent in the over all figures.

“Whites commit far more crime than Asians but far less than blacks”

No: that is also not a racist statement, unless it could be interpreted as racist in favour of Asians. It is also a fact. The truth doesn’t care about race. It is just the truth.

The obvious example here is Asians. What are Asians doing better than anyone else in America? For a start they are more likely to finish school and go to college than any other group. Second they have the lowest rates of teenage pregnancy, single-motherhood and welfare dependency. They tend, more than others to have had the advantage of growing up in stable families which are less likely in turn to experience serious poverty.

If you control for these family dynamics in the US prison system the race disparity almost completely vanishes.

Black people are not imprisoned more because they are black. They are imprisoned more because they commit more crime. They do not commit more crime because they are black. They commit more crime because they are more likely to be poor, undereducated, and from single mother homes.

That was not always the case according to Pew research. The disparity has widened enormously over the last three decades as the black family has collapsed. This has nothing to do with racism. This has far more to do with progressivism and the toxic teachings and lobbies of people like Amber.

Children of single mothers are more likely to be victims of domestic violence and more likely to be witnesses to domestic violence. They are also more likely to become domestic abusers themselves as they reach adulthood. They are four times as likely to have unwanted pregnancies when teenagers also four times as likely to drop out of school early. They are less than a third as likely to attend university and three times more likely to suffer from long term unemployment. They are five times more likely to develop severe emotional problems and develop learning difficulties. They are almost three times as likely to have problems with alcohol or drugs and almost four times more likely to suffer from depression, or other mental conditions. They are almost nine times more likely to become involved in serious crime and do time in prison.

That is a very large elephant. And the reason that the race disparity is narrowing within the prison system now is because white family breakdown is slowly beginning to catch up. Well done feminism!

It is quite simple really. If bald people committed most of the crime then the prisons and graveyards would be filling up with bald people.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if society became afraid to ask why bald people commit more crime; because pretty soon hordes of angry do-gooders would be screaming “BALDIST” and demanding that anyone looking under the symptoms and at the causes be removed from their jobs.

That is what Amber is doing. She wants to ignore the problems that black communities have. She refuses to even acknowledge that much of this is a product of black culture rather than white racism. It is easy to wallow in past injustices and use them as excuses for current failings. It is also easy to point the finger at some other group and convince yourself that somehow it’s all their fault.

Furthermore her “progressive” friends do everything they can to exasperate the problem by further bashing away at the family and demanding more handouts from the state to replace it. This has been proven, over and over again, every where, by every study ever conducted, to be the cause of the problem in the first place.

That is what all movements and ideologies do: They find a bogeyman to blame everything on so that they do not have to go down the much harder road of self-examination. Far easier just to find someone else to blame and spend the rest of your life being angry and resentful at them: Oh an demanding hand-outs at the same time naturally.

But it’s lazy and it will not solve one singly problem: It will not keep one black kid in school or out of prison. And whipping black kids up into frenzies of frustrated outrage; and then directing that outrage at the police; well that will just lead to more dead black kids on the street. That’s all good for the leaders of Black Lives Matter: Dead martyrs for their cause are far more valuable to them than live black kids going to school. But it is certainly not ever going to do any good for young black people.

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