Well, tech has been the major wealth creator for past couple of decades and will be for next X yrs.
meow licous

“So this fight is equal to voting rights for women, in a way.”

It is not the same thing. People, like me, who chose professions where we might not have the opportunity to make lots more money, are not being discriminated against. I could have gone into tech. I chose not to because I have no interest in it. For the majority of people the choices they make will impact on their future income. That is not a problem. It is a calculated trade-off. Nobody is being denied anything. It is free choice.

Personally I believe that women over all tend to make more sensible decisions than men. I don’t want to be a CEO. I don’t want my job taking over my life. I am not prepared to sacrifice my soul to work fourteen hour days and knock years off my life. I prefer a more healthy balance and there is only so much money that I need to live comfortably. So I am am happy with my choice and nobody forced me to make it.

And finally -

“Goal of feminism is to give women same economic power as men.”

No that is not the goal of feminism at all, but that is a much longer topic which I can go into if you like.

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