Can you? I don’t know.
Amber Lisa

Just for the record Amber; I don’t hate you. You really don’t invoke any emotion in me other than sympathy on occasion. That sympathy is mostly due to the fact that you keep illustrating your own ignorance and complete inability to understand basic logic.

But I have a few minutes to spare so let me once again try to clear up some points for you. Let’s go for the trusty old block quote method.

“But even if I didn’t self identify that’s what people would call me…as a result they throw all kinds of belief systems on me, most of which I know nothing about it.”

You admit time and time again that you don’t know anything about feminism. Yet you call yourself a feminist? Don’t you think you should actually educate yourself on a belief system before you subscribe to it? Why wouldn’t you also call yourself a communist or a Hindu or anything else when you fully admit you don’t know anything about it? Furthermore how can you believe with such absolute faith in something you know nothing about and still accuse anyone who actually does know about it, of “hating” you because they point out that, as you freely admit, you don’t know what you’re talking about?

It is very simple Amber. If you subscribe to the core tenets and advocacy of feminism, then you are a feminist. If you do not subscribe to the core tenets and advocacy of feminism, then you are not a feminist. But feminism has been around a long time before you. You do not get to decide what it is or is not. What feminism stands for and what it advocates is not up to you. You only get to decide whether you support it or not. If you subscribe to any ideology then you do not get to hide behind the “not all feminists are like that” fallacy. You do not get to claim that you are “some other kind of feminist” in order to absolve yourself every time the deeply ingrained bigotry of the movement raises its ugly head. You do not get to dismiss a hundred years of feminist theory and literature by claiming that the core architects of feminist ideology are somehow unrepresentative of “your own personal kind of feminism.”

I have explained this to you several times. I can decide whether I support communism or not. I do not get to decide what communism is. You either subscribe to the creed or you do not. It isn’t complicated.

“I knew nothing of “patriarchy.” So…I looked the term up. I think the term itself is pretty innocuous. Just a description of reality…but this is a term that polarized the hell out of people.”

Well not knowing anything about something seems to be very familiar territory for you. But it is not an innocuous term. It is a term based in feminist bigotry as it is used today. But then I have explained all that to you before and you still don’t know anything about it by your own admission. So your post once again consists of you listing things that you don’t know anything about and then claiming that anyone who doesn’t agree with your absolute faith in these things is just hating on you.

“Others I’ve encountered on Medium, quite reasonable people, whose opinions seem to be well reasoned and based in fact and logic.”

Oh dear Amber. You wouldn’t recognise reason or logic if it fell on your head. Every post you make is about something you admit you know nothing about!

And you are “shocked by the “backlash?”

The last time I encountered you, you began by admitting that you knew nothing about history and went on to make a lot of completely false historical claims; and of course accusing me of hating you because I set you straight on the historical record.

“Ever since I was introduced to the term [feminism], way back in high school, from teachers, very smart women who said to me “we didn’t get a fair shot at life, because we’re women;”

I have challenged you many times to name any way in which women in western societies are “not given a fair shot.” You cannot name one. Therefore the teachers who told you this nonsense were not very smart at all.

Welcome to fact and logic. It is quite easy. You should try it sometime.

“I have been mildly interested in identifying as a feminist. Because it just seemed fair and right.”

So you think that a belief system that is grounded in hate, driven by lies and historical revisionism and peddles constant bigotry, just seems “fair and right?”

“We just didn’t get it.”

You still don’t, by your own admission.

“But as time and life went on, I totally did.”

See above: How many times can you contradict yourself in one paragraph?

Here is a tip. Next time try reading your own words before you post them and try to at least be consistent.

“I maintain that feminism is the revolutionary idea that women are people.”

Feminism is not an idea. Nor is it revolutionary, although it is toxic. Revolution in the context you used it suggests a struggle against the ruling system. Feminism is very much the ruling system. Therefore it is anti-feminism that is revolutionary. The idea that women are people pre-dates feminism by thousands of years. It has never been thought that women were not people. Where do you dream up this nonsense?

You go on to claim that you worked with men who did not believe that women were people! That is obviously a flat out lie. Nobody believes that women are not human. What you’re doing here is the kind of casual unthinking bigotry that is the hallmark of feminism. You are so brainwashed by a creed you know nothing about, that you never even stop to think about it for yourself.

You claim that many men are “beyond stunned” to encounter a woman who thinks and talks and understands concepts that are “considered to lie solely within the realm of men.”

I don’t know what kind of men you know, or where you found them. Maybe they are some strange tribe that live in a cave somewhere? I have never met a man who was “beyond stunned” by my conversations on all kinds of issues. Nor have I ever met a man who didn’t consider me to be human just like him.

Just a thought. Maybe these men were “beyond stunned” at your insistence on babbling about things you have absolutely no understanding of?

And for the record; I fly a lot and I frequently come across female pilots. I have yet to encounter any man who was “beyond stunned” by this. Not surprising considering women have been flying planes all over the world since the 1940s.

“When you go down the rabbit hole that academic feminism tends to be, you are talking about destroying the entire framework that society has built itself upon for the last 10,000 years at least.”

Wow: Amber suddenly leaves me “beyond stunned” by suddenly making a statement that is entirely accurate. Unfortunately she seems completely oblivious to the implications of the first accurate statement I have ever seen her make. But anyway congratulations Amber. You finally said something that actually makes sense. Feminism is indeed attempting to destroy the framework of society and it has been remarkably successful in doing that so far. And yes a lot of people, men and women, (all of whom are human) are very worried about this destructive virus that is undermining the foundations of human civilisation and causing a demographic catastrophe the like of which has not been seen in those societies since the fall of Rome.

“but I’d like to point out that those pushing so hard against feminism are bringing the ideology into greater clarity and focus.”

Once again you could not be more wrong. Anti-feminists have done, and continue to do substantial damage to feminism, simply by shining a light on it and allowing people to see how damaging and poisonous it is. They have a lot of work to do and they probably will not be influential enough to reverse the damage that feminism has done. But at least they are trying to educate people on how the virus is infecting their societies and particularly damaging the futures of their children.

“AND — this is highly ironic- are probably actually creating more feminist and other brands of feminism.”

No: They are not; and by every measurable benchmark, larger numbers of people, especially women, have become more hostile to feminism every year for the last ten years. Feminists have been called out as bigots in the British House of Commons, in the European Parliament, and in Universities and mainstream publications across Europe and North America. This would have been unthinkable ten years ago. These instances are far too rare still, but they are becoming more common. Thanks mostly to the work of anti-feminists it is becoming acceptable to question and criticise feminism. Feminists no longer have a total strangle-hold on the narrative, and women are realising that the feminist movement not only does not represent them, but actually works against their interests.

Feminists still exercise an almost total hold over the narrative in the education system; but there are many there too; people like me and many of my colleagues, who are working to counter the damage they are doing to the education system. We are in touch on a regular basis with faculty members from universities in the USA and Canada along with Ireland and the UK and several other countries who are all doing the same thing. These people tend to be very well researched and informed and capable of articulating very well backed-up arguments, unlike any feminist. They are refusing to be intimidated into silence and they are receiving a lot of support from students who are tired of the feminists bullying and dictating. The only response that feminists, being bereft of any real arguments have, is to try to have these people banned or silenced. They are having mixed results with that. Their power is beginning to slip and all they have left to retreat to is their dumb slogans, their false accusations.

More often than not feminists run shrieking for their safe spaces when confronted with the actual facts. That is why feminists never debate in public other than with other feminists and only in front of supportive echo chambers which they know will never question their unsubstantiated nonsense. Anti-feminists are increasingly forcing them to back up what they are saying; to put up or shut up as it were. These demands on feminists to back up their silly claims is terrifying to them, because most feminists, like you, cannot do that. Feminism is just another fundamentalist faith. It doesn’t have any substance and so it falls apart very quickly under scrutiny.

It is often said that facts to a feminist are like daylight to a vampire. Anti-feminists are pulling open the curtains and letting the sunshine stream in on the festering mountain of lies that is feminist ideology.

“Because when you all are saying: feminism is a, b, c, d! Some one like me can make a decision based on the information you have provided- and be like, hell yeah! I’m a feminist.”

Read another line from earlier in your post –

Svetlana Voreskova (who hates me) actually taught me more about academic feminism, than any feminist book I’ve tried to read.”

Now if I have taught you so much about feminism, and you still subscribe to it, then you are simply a bigot, because I have always been very clear on my attitude to feminism and I have always been more than willing to explain it at length, in great detail and with tons of evidence and citations to back up my case. And unlike you, I have studied feminism and its theory and advocates in depth and I have actually read all of those “boring” books that you don’t want to bother with. Yet you think it makes more sense to wallow in ignorance, babble off naive slogans and believe in a faith that is not just based on nonsense but is also divisive, hateful and bigoted.

“Honestly, I feel a little pressure to do this just because I want to be informed and sound informed about an issue.”

Well dear then you have some serious mountains to climb. May I suggest you refrain from talking about the subject with such misplaced conviction until you actually know something about it.

“I know, because I worked with a male feminist colleague who challenged all of us to put some feminist content in our curriculum. I did it.”

That is disgusting Amber. Force feeding ideology of any kind to students in the education system is a complete betrayal of what education is supposed to be about. Shame on you. If you do not understand that ideology is the complete opposite of education then you do not have any right to call yourself an educator.

Even aside from the obscenity of indoctrinating kids with political ideology and calling that “education,” — the mind boggles at the very idea of a school of any kind allowing someone who admits they know little or nothing about a subject, to begin teaching about that subject.

I teach history and I had to be able to demonstrate that I knew my subject inside out before they would ever let me teach. I would also lose my good academic reputation very quickly if I began babbling silly, slogan based doctrine, or anything that I could not back up with water-tight analysis and objective fact. But then I work with real educators.

“The first thing I would ask my students is, “what is feminism?” Rarely did I get any answers at all, much less substantive ones.”

That is pretty much the same answer as you get from feminists too. Usually all they can do is babble rhetoric they learned by rote. They can never actually defend it. You are a pretty good example.

“In asking that question, I provided a very basic answer: equal political, legal and economic rights for women. Very practical stuff.”

Women have equal rights across the board across most of the world. In the west in particular, we have all the same rights as men and then some. If you can name a right that men have that women don’t have, then please be kind enough to do so. But you won’t do that because you know that you are simply talking nonsense again.

“Women are still being challenged on these fronts to this very day. So yeah. I am a feminist.”

So you don’t have the right to own property or open a bank account? Really? Are you seriously trying to claim that anyone who points out the sheer silliness of these claims is part of some “backlash?”

Don’t you ever get tired of making a complete idiot of yourself? More to the point; do your employers actually know that you are “teaching” this nonsense to kids in a school?

I want to definitely say: I am this type of feminist!

Oh I think you make it quite clear what kind of feminist you are. The kind that knows nothing about feminism: The garden-variety indoctrinated useful idiot who goes about babbling off the most ridiculous nonsense because you think it makes you sound enlightened or something.

“But all this controversy over the term…what is it really about? Like seriously, think about it!”

A lot of people have done a lot of thinking about it. Maybe you should try doing the same sometime. Be careful though because the last thing feminists want people to do is to think about feminism. They want faithful followers who blindly accept the doctrine. They don’t want thinkers because thinking leads to questioning and scrutiny. No faith-based ideology, least of all feminism, can withstand objective scrutiny and testing.

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