Where are the Female Music Producers?
Recording Academy

Meh!….. Why are there no Irish astronauts? Why are there so few white basketball stars or black rugby stars? Why are most engineers male and most linguists female? Why are there so few female fire-fighters and so few male nurses? Why are Russians better at ice-hockey than Australians?

Answer to all of the above: Who cares!

“94% of people [who] buy high-fidelity audio equipment are men.” Lazar apparently believes that this is “due to a gender stereotyping that occurs early in children’s lives, shaping what their interests and skills should be.”

Unfortunately for Lazar, there is not one shred of evidence to support this hypothesis. It is pure projection based on politically correct ideology. Lazar might benefit from a little reading on the basic biological imperatives that underscore the different priorities, motivations and aspirations that apply to the different sexes in any sexually dimorphic species.

Newsflash: Men and women are different in many ways. Not superior or inferior. Just different. These differences are mostly slight but many and a lot of them manifest in the brains of foetuses before a baby is even born. Innate differences are obviously going to lead to different paths and different outcomes. Who’d have thought!

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