For as often as women like to say to men, “it isn’t just about YOU”, I wonder why it is so hard for…
Ron Collins

“My body My Choice.” “A Woman’s Right to choose.”

OK I think they are the favourite “arguments” of the “pro-choice” lobby.

But they are straw men — straw women? or straw foetuses maybe?

The point is that the abortion debate is not about a “woman’s right to choose.” That is simply not at all what it is about. It is not about a woman’s right or a man’s right. It is about the right to terminate the life of a third party.

I assume that nobody will claim that anyone has the right to decide to take another person’s life? Agreed? Murder is wrong? OK.

So then we have established that it is not about a woman’s choice. There is only one thing that it is about. Assuming that we all agree that it is wrong to take the life of another human being, then the only question in the abortion debate is this. At what precise point does a foetus become a human being?

Considering the entire medical profession cannot answer that question with any conviction, I am certainly not going to claim that I have the wisdom to answer it.

One thing I do know though is that the shrieking protesters chanting “My Body my Choice” cannot answer it either. It is not about Your Body dear. Try actually engaging your brain for a change. The “pro-choice” lobby are simply chanting the doctrinal slogans of their creed. It is faith not science they are doing and that translates as learned ignorance. Their slogans are as meaningless as those of the religious fundamentalists chanting their opposing slogans from the other side. They are basically just two opposing groups of religious fundamentalists, chanting meaningless slogans about issues they have no understanding of.

I don’t understand them either but at least I don’t pretend to.

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