Tests are way to determine a person’s academic abilities.

“You don’t think it’s a demonstration of privilege if a certain ethnicity isbumped up 230pts, or deducted 50pts? You don’t think that there’s an issue when Asians have to do better than their black competitors by 280pts?”

OK: I didn't realise that this was what you were referring to. I agree with you completely. I think what you describe is just shameful discrimination against Asians in particular. I don’t know if Asians tend to do better than most because they are actually smarter, or because they tend to take their studies more seriously and work harder. Maybe it is a little of both: But either way it is madness to penalise people for being smart and diligent.

When I go to a hospital I want to know that the people there are the best people the medical schools had to offer. I don’t care what colour they are and if they are all Asian then that’s fine with me. We do not need any kind of regimented “diversity” in any field. We just need the best people we can get.

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