You’re preaching to the choir, sister.
Joshua Sanders

One of the chief missions expressed on the BLM website is the dismantling of the nuclear family structure. It echoes almost a century of feminist dogma and it also takes influence from the Hillary Clinton’s “village” vision. Families are wrong by default. Men and women should not pair bond long term. Children should be raised communally. This assault on the family has been front and centre of “progressivist” mission for decades, and it has been devastating.

BLM is the biggest enemy of young black people today, because it attacks directly the one institution that would improve the lives of millions of them it it were not coming under constant attack from people who claim to represent their interests.

Crime, drug use, dropping out of school, mental illness, violence, incarceration and death by cop are all inextricably linked to fatherlesness.

But while there is much hysteria about the symptoms of the problem, it is a complete taboo to even talk about the causes.

Much easier to just close your eyes and blame racism or sexism or some other ism.

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