Depends how you define socialism
John the TIB

Over the last 10 years or so I think many have accepted a large number of immigrants.

One of the the many problems that comes with socialism, even the fairly mild socialism they have in Sweden, is that it destroys the nuclear family and leads to a population crash. This is happening across the western world but particularly in Sweden and Germany. That is why they have open borders in Sweden and Germany. It is also why their debts are rapidly rising as their population is slowly being replaced.

Sweden is over and it isn’t being killed by Islam. It has already commited suicide by neo-Marxist poison.

And one final thing. The health system is Sweden was a disaster. It was nowhere near the best in the world and it was extremely expensive. It was free for patients but everybody paid for it through taxes. The Swedish government have been re-privatising the health system for about five years now to try to repair it. Meanwhile if you are Swedish and you need to see a doctor then get yourself to France or Poland because you turn up at a Swedish hospital then they will put you on a waiting list.

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