The Professor sounds like a slavery apologist to me.
Chloe Graham

“The Professor sounds like a slavery apologist to me.”

Really? What is a “slavery apologist?” Do you know any of these mythical creatures? Are you trying to claim that there are any serious numbers of people who would actually try to justify slavery? Where on earth do you dream up this nonsense and don’t you realise how completely ridiculous it is to accuse someone of being a “slavery apologist” simply because they disagreed over some point of the history? But then that attitude is also prevalent in Europe too. “Anyone I don’t agree with is a fascist!” It is too childish for words.

“Chattel slavery and two-parent homes is an oxymoron.”

No it isn’t. I suggest you look up the meaning of the word “oxymoron.” Chattel slavery and two parent homes existed side by side. That is historical fact. How many sources do you want? It is also a fact that many people survived the Nazi holocaust. Pointing out that simple historical fact does not make anyone a “Nazi apologist.”

Seeing a pattern yet?

“Its only someone who has re-written history from a slavery apologist perspective who could possibly think that D is the right answer.”

There are some good sources here concerning black American families during slavery. Reading them and educating yourself might be more useful than simply screaming “slavery apologist” at someone who has. The professor was correct. That does not make her an apologist for anything except historical accuracy.

I chuckle a little every time I see the term “slavery apologist.” It is so childish. It is even more childish to claim that something that is well recorded historical fact has been “re-written” by some college professor. As I pointed out (with historical sources) it is well recorded that large numbers of black American families did manage to stay together despite the horrors of slavery. That does not make me an “apologist” for anything except of course historical accuracy.

“Are you asserting that institutional racism is imaginary ?”

Now you are changing the subject. Nobody was asserting anything other than the historical record. You are building straw-men now. I know that institutional racism is a fact across large part of the world, especially across Africa and the Middle East. In the western world not so much: “Institutional racism?” Yes: I will go ahead and assert that I see no evidence of it across the western world and you have shown no evidence of it either. I know there are racist groups like the KKK. The largest and most vociferous racist group today seems to be Black Lives Matter. But institutional racism? Maybe you should look up the meaning of the word “institutional” too.

“Seeing that you are not black or never have been black.”

Oh Yawn: An ability to check the facts does not require any particular skin colour. As for racism: The only racism here is your silly implication that I am not entitled to voice my opinion because of my skin colour. Historical facts do not change depending on the colour of the person reading them you know.

Anyway you do not have the right to disagree with me on some point of history because you’re not Russian and have never been Russian! See how that works? Yes: Its pretty stupid isn’t it?

“The student did not have to prove anything, she questioned her assertion that majority of slaves had two parent homes.”

Questioning is good for a student. But it should be accompanied by research. If she had not been a petulant half-wit she could have found any number of scholarly sources to prove that she was wrong.

But claiming that she had nothing to prove? Are you serious? She made a public slanderous accusation against her professor. When you make an accusation against someone, especially one that has the potential to ruin their career, then the onus is on you to prove it. That is why our societies work to the principle of innocence until proven guilty — beyond reasonable doubt. — Or would you prefer to return to mob lynchings? Provided the victims are white this time of course.

You can argue all day about the professor’s behaviour. In my opinion, if she really did react to the student as described then she behaved very unprofessionally. But this argument is about racism, not bad behaviour and the only hint of racism here is coming from the student, not the professor.

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