Elikem Jubey

“So the question now is… Are we willing to see this through, even if it hurts so much we might wish we never took this path in the first place?”

That sounds like you think we should see it through no matter what. It sounds like a strange philosophy to me. Would it not be more sensible for any society not to enforce social change through if it is likely that that social change will have more negative than positive effects on that society?

But you are right. We are driven by our biology and millions of years of evolution. That is one reason why ideology always fails and social engineering of any kind is most often a disaster for everyone.

Evolution is not so much about change as it is about natural selection, and it applies in many ways to cultures as well as individuals.

You cannot control evolution and you cannot artificially re-engineer the species. That is why most feminist activism amounts to a massive petulant rage against Mother Nature herself. It is basically a Marxist illness and it is enormously destructive precisely because it believes it can re-engineer human nature and re-mould human beings to behave in ways that it approves of.

The idea that we can or even should re-mould human nature to conform to the latest ideological fad is the kind of sinister frankenstein-esque experiment that would have kept George Orwell awake at night. The fact that the so called “progressives” who are pushing this sinister agenda in the education and political systems are wrapping it up in fluffy, touchy-feely packaging just makes it more dangerous.

At least when the Communists enforced “equality” and “diversity” they did it honestly with prison camps and guns; so everybody knew that they were enemies of humanity. And they, like the modern “progressives believed; in fact they bequeathed the believe to feminism, that human nature itself is a social construct to be re-engineered as they saw fit.

“Gender is a social construct” scream the feminists with the wide-eyed zealotry of religious fundamentalists;

No it is not feminists; don’t kid yourselves.

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