Yeah, that comparison is only to establish that we already have legal, sanctioned, and regrettable…
Jere Krischel

How do we reduce unwanted pregnancies?

Stop encouraging and facilitating rampant hook-up culture and stop encouraging children as young as ten to “explore their sexuality.” Stop encouraging and facilitating the destruction of the family, and stop demonising traditional family values. Re-introduce some of those old moralistic taboos into the schools. In other words, bring back shame. That was what it was for in the first place.

How do we support those people with unexpected pregnancies (without discouraging forming stable two-parent families)?

You don’t. That is the problem. You have to choose the lesser of two evils. Supporting something will only guarantee more of that thing. That includes welfare dependant single motherhood and abortion. Time to return to making people understand that there are consequences for irresponsible behaviour. Time for society to stop being a nanny and use a little tough love.

You drum it into girls from the day they can walk that their lives will be ruined if they get pregnant outside of a committed long-term relationship. We tell boys in school — “If you’re not ready to be a father then you better learn to keep it in your pants.” It is about time we returned to giving the same message to girls. Teaching them that anything goes and that turning themselves into sex-toys is “empowering” is a crime against them and against society.

I am not religious. But I see a lot of wisdom in many of those old religious taboos. They worked.

As to the last question. Well that brings us back to square one. I certainly cannot answer it.

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