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That for me is what the debate is about. It is the only thing the debate is about. It is about the state assuming the power to micro-manage human interaction.

It is not about some guy in a dress who thinks he’s a woman. I do not want to see any law which applies to any one group of people. I do not want the state to be involved at all because it has no right to be involved and people have no right to invoke its power to force others into doing things their way. If a man walks into a woman’s dressing room I think the women in there will sort that problem out all by themselves without any need for government officials.

But this whole “trans” issue is just another symptom of the naval gazing self-obsession of a declining culture. It is the selfie generation. Look at me! I want to be recognised! I demand your approval and your applause, and if you don’t give it to me then you are a bigot!

That is why every second idiot you meet on Medium is some kind of identity-politics activist.

Nobody cares if someone wants to pretend he’s a woman. So he can knock himself out. He can identify as a flying monkey if he likes. There are no laws against people who identify as flying monkeys. Refusing to give them access to free bananas is not “oppression.”

But that is not enough for the children of the selfie generation. They demand constant validation. They demand your applause. And they will invoke the power of the state, and bring men with guns down on you if you decline to give it to them.

This is not about anybody trying to limit the rights of “trans” people. This is about self-appointed “activists” trying to tell everyone else what to do; or more to the point, it is about them standing on the roof-top and screaming — “I demand your attention.”

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