Thanks Mary.
Scot MacArthur

The Mission statement on the website is just a lot of worn out, emotive boilerplate.

It talks about fighting for equal rights but fails to mention specifically any right that is available to some but not available to others. It talks about all kinds of threats that have not been made to all kinds of people. It makes no clear demands and outlines no specific goals.

It was just one giant pity party about nothing; outrage for the sake or outrage; mostly because it allows all the right people to virtue-signal and prove how “enlightened” they are and — well — its a fun day out.

Its main sponsor was Planned Parenthood; an organisation up to its neck in financial scandal and in danger of losing federal funding. So basically these useful idiots were being used in an attempt to shore up the funding and cushy positions of a massive corporate organisation.

And the influence of that organisation showed from day one when Christian and anti abortion groups were told in no uncertain terms that they were not welcome; despite the rhetoric on the website about “inclusion” and “tolerance.”

These people wouldn't understand inclusion and tolerance if it fell on their heads.

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