Yes, There are anti-trans bathroom laws.

“There are anti-trans bathroom laws.”

Then name one: Name one law that does not apply to everyone, but applies to “trans-people” (whatever they are) specifically. As I already said. You have the same right as everybody else to use the bathroom allotted to all members of your sex. You do not generally have the right to use the bathrooms allocated for the opposite sex. These rules apply to everybody equally.

I wonder if you might also help me out and define exactly what a “trans-person” is in some empirically measurable way. Because if you cannot do that, then you are asking society to regulate based on fairy tales.

“I have to wonder if you’d have a problem with a trans woman who has had surgery.”

I don’t have a “problem” with anybody. I really don’t care if you think you’re batman. That’s up to you. Good luck to you. I certainly do not wish you any ill.

I just do not think you have the right to expect anyone else to accept your trying to impose your new precedent on how society measures reality.

Your chromosomes dictate your sex before you are born. Bathrooms are segregated by sex. You are a male. That is a fact. Chopping part of your body off does not change that fact. Taking hormones does not change that fact.

You can paint stripes on a Donkey. That doesn’t make it a Zebra. It is still a Donkey. You can pretend to be a woman and even make yourself look like a woman; but you can never be female. A woman is an adult female. A male therefore cannot be considered a woman no matter what kind of surgery he has had or how many hormones he has taken.

That is reality I’m afraid, and our laws and social protocols must be governed by reality; not on the whims and fantasies of each individual.

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